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Mindfulness benefits
Mindfulness benefits


The Transformation Game

The Transformation was developed at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland over 40 years ago by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler (InnerLinks Inc.)

It’s a board game which can be played individually to complement the coaching process or in a group and it’s a fun tool for exploring a particular life issue or change you want to make.

In the game you will choose an intention or area of your life you want to transform, resolve or understand and you play, moving along the board through the squares and cards, exploring that intention on different levels; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  The game gives us opportunities to widen our perspective, recognize our strengths and limitations, overcome challenges and discover new possibilities.  We also connect with our essential nature and deeper inner wisdom to fulfill our intention.

For more information about exploring this tool or creating a group that I can facilitate please contact me.


Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.) or Tapping

EFT is a very effective, simple technique for removing blocks that create physical pain or discomfort, changing limiting beliefs and releasing fears and phobias.

The technique was founded by Gary Craig in the US as he discovered that while applying a light tapping to different acupuncture points on the head and upper body of his patients, energy blocks were released and they found lasting relief from a diverse range of physical conditions or mental and emotional issues. 

It works by ‘tapping into’ the source of the symptom or issue at hand so that it can be released and harmony and well-being restored.

EFT is an excellent complement to a Coaching process as it can address and help overcome negative beliefs and emotional issues that get in the way of fulfilling your potential.

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Do you want to play the Transformation Game and have some fun in your process of personal change? Are you ready to let go of what’s blocking you with this simple technique?  To find out more do get in touch.