My methodology

I combine a down to earth, practical approach with deeper inner work to ensure you can sustain the changes you make, trust more in your own inner wisdom and bring you greater success, balance and fulfillment.

I work from the inside out; we will always look at the inner change you need to make, to create the changes you seek in your life. By this, I mean a change of mindset, belief, perspective, or whatever it is for you, to open to new possibilities and create or bring forth change, not force a different result. 

One of the primary tools I use is Coaching, but our sessions are much more than that. I co-create with each client individual processes that may include Mindfulness or other tools to help you remove blocks and move forward with greater ease.

The 3 pillars of the way I work are:

1. Inner and outer change go together


If we strive to change the outer circumstances of our lives without doing the inner work not only can it be a lot harder but we risk either repeating the same mistakes or not be able to sustain those changes. 

I invite you to experiment with another way of creating change with less effort and where you can enjoy the process.

2. Support


We all need support and to feel that we aren’t alone, especially in the often uncomfortable process of change or when we want to establish new ways of thinking and being.  We are taught to believe in complete self-sufficiency but we all need our tribe or support team to thrive.  As a Coach I can form part of your support team.

My clients feel relief to share what they most desire, or what they are going through and know they have the support they can count on for going inwards and moving forward.   I use the structure of the Coaching framework to ensure they are empowered to take the reins of their own process.  I also help them build their own tool-box and offer other practices such as Mindfulness, NLP, E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) or The Transformation Game, to help them move forward and trust in themselves.

I use the structure of the Coaching framework to ensure they are empowered to take the reins of their own process and take action.

3 Well-being and self-knowledge

A strong foundation

I place a big focus on physical, emotional and mental well-being as the foundations for change, for managing stress and the rewards of feeling healthier and more resilient.

The basis of Coaching is creating awareness and increasing self-knowledge which gives rise to greater clarity and self-confidence.   

We will also focus on self-management and leadership from a place of self-acceptance and love; this may include managing time and respecting your own rhythms and energy levels, setting healthy boundaries, being more present and feeling more connected, developing intuition and creativity, handling pressure, examining your beliefs, values and habits to optimize your process, making coherent decisions, improving emotional intelligence, knowing your strengths, or whatever areas you need to work on.

To start a conversation about what you need and how we could work together, do get in touch. I always offer a short free phone-call to find out more.