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coaching project lab
coaching project lab
coaching project lab
coaching project lab

Espacio Conciencia8

“Under the theme “Create your new reality” I gave two workshops at an Open house event in Espacio Conciencia 8 in Madrid in July 2020.

In the first workshop “Explore change in a fun and dynamic way with The Transformation Game the aim was to explore an internal shift or a personal goal in a fun and dynamic way by playing the game.  Through a process of inner reflection each chose an area of their lives to work on and through the game, gained insights on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, in order to help them make the change.

The second workshop called “Vision and awareness for facilitating change” was based on the question What change do I need to make on the inside to adapt to change in my life or create it?  In the workshop I talked about our normal way of making changes and what we can do to make the process easier and more effective.  We looked at the importance of having a clear vision of the future to guide our decision-making process and right action, as well as being more aware and present in order to move forward with less stress and greater ease.

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Coaching Project Lab

Would you like to get a project off the ground and make some changes in your life?

What dreams or goals have you set aside?

Are you so busy or stressed you can’t even think about doing something different?

Join a Coaching Project Lab to work on your project or make that change in a Group Coaching process integrated with Mindfulness. Be guided through a coaching process and step into action. Learn new ways of doing things and ways of being that bring you greater fulfilment. Apply Mindfulness tools and practise to integrate change, train your mind to work in your favour and create more balance in your life.



Julia’s workshops have been the first workshops that have really taught me how to live, manage my day to day and achieve my goals. Through the different activities and techniques we have all made progress, little by little, in our way of thinking, acting and living. I have discovered who I want to be in life personally and professionally. And all this in English! I have benefitted hugely from these workshops. Thanks Julia because thanks to you I have learnt and grown more than I could have imagined.”

Almudena, Pozuelo.

mindfulness y la gestion del tiempo

Coaching Workshop with Mindfulness Tools For

Time Management

Time is life. Each moment is all you have.

What is your relationship to time?

Do you have ‘enough’ time?

What do you do with your time?

Examine your beliefs and attitudes to time and discover how to manage it better.

Define your priorities and what’s really important to you or for your work.

Learn Mindfulness tools for greater focus, efficiency and reduced stress. 

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