Hi, I am Julia!

I work with people who want to create change in their life and handle transition.

My focus is on the inner process of increasing confidence, clarity and well-being, to bring about change with greater ease.

What are you facing right now?

Whatever the change you need or are facing, the journey can be much easier with the right support. Clients that work with me create greater well-being, clarity and confidence to make those changes, find a sense of direction and more balance and fun in life. Sometimes change is forced on us and we may struggle to adapt. In this case you may not be able to change the outer circumstances but need guidance and support in changing how you experience it and manage the emotional stress.

My Clients Say...

“I’m 38 years old and in recent years I have dedicated my time to bringing up my 4 children. I started Coaching with Julia as I wanted to go back to work and get different projects off the ground but I had a lot of insecurities. As the sessions progressed I became aware that my lack of self-confidence and self-esteem was behind why I never finished what I started. Now thanks to Coaching and Julia, I have more confidence in my abilities and strengths and I feel more fulfilled in my day to day life with a job that is compatible with my family.”
ROSA Public Relations Manager in Tourism
“Julia’s workshops have been the first workshops that have really taught me how to live, manage my day to day and achieve my goals. Through the different activities and techniques we have all made progress, little by little, in our way of thinking, acting and living. I have discovered who I want to be in life personally and professionally. And all this in English! I have benefitted hugely from these workshops. Thanks Julia because thanks to you I have learnt and grown more than I could have imagined.”
You have given me ideas, challenges, commitment, analysis, meditation, understanding, enthusiasm, strength, caring, support and tools to go forward. Thank you so much Julia.”
NURIA Telecommunications Engineer and mother
“I am currently working with Julia trying to untangle what have over time become unhelpful character habits I have developed in my day to day life and that keep me from focusing on the things that I would really like to do with the time I have and start to discover what work I want to do after many years bringing up my children. Our regular meetings have been very helpful to begin a much needed deep clean of some of these thoughts and habits. Julia is thoughtful, she is an excellent listener and her recommendations to me are always helpful, welcome, and, yes, necessary.”
“The Coaching process with Julia Tinney has been an opportunity to broaden my understanding of my current situation. I can see a ‘before and after’ in this process in which, progressively I have gone from a moment of confusion to one of greater clarity. Thanks for your effective, professional support.”
MIGUEL ÁNGEL Therapist and Percusionist


I invite you to read on and find out more or contact me to set up a call to talk about what you are looking for and find out how we can work together. I coach in English and Spanish mostly via Zoom.