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JUlia Jane Tinney


Coaching and Mindfulness

– Coaching for creating or adapting

to change

– Find or change the direction of

your life path

– Move forward through transition and

thrive on the other side of a crisis

Julia Jane Ttinney life coach in Madrid
Coaching y mindfulness

What can I do for you?

I am here to help. As a Coach I will accompany you in the process of creating lasting change in your life, working from the inside out, to move you forward into a new stage that is true to who you really are.  I will give you the support, space and structure you need to rediscover your passions and purpose and get where you want to be sooner and with more energy, enthusiasm and calm.

We are in an unprecedented moment of change, and many of us are aware that what was normal for us before was unsustainable at all levels.  We may have been dissatisfied with ourselves or our lives before and now we know we have to make changes. We may just want to really start to thrive and enjoy life more fully or perhaps we’ve had change forced upon us and have to reinvent ourselves.

Keys to success

My down to earth, practical Coaching approach combined with deeper inner work will ensure you can sustain the changes you make, trust more in your own inner wisdom and bring you greater success, balance and fulfillment.

Mindfulness and other techniques

And, if you get stuck or resistance holds you back, we will work on changing your mindset and integrate tools such as Mindfulness into your process to get you out of your own way and moving forward with greater ease.



Is it for you?

 Do you want to enjoy your life more and make the most of what you have?

Do you want to change your jobs or career or start up on your own?

Are you wanting to go back to work after dedicating many years to your family?

Are you coming out of a difficult transition or mid-life crisis and want to move on and start to thrive?

Do you work really long hours and need to find balance with your personal life?

Do you have a lot of stress or anxiety and need to learn to handle everything differently and calm down/calm your mind?

Do you want to improve your health and have more energy and vitality?

If you answered YES to any of the above issues, I am here to get you started and support you all the way.My main areas of focus are in career changes, life work balance, transitions and stress management, although Coaching skills and process are applicable to all situation.


Nuria, Telecommunications Engineer and mother

“You have given me ideas, challenges, commitment, analysis, meditation, understanding, enthusiasm, strength, caring, support and tools to go forward. Thank you so much Julia.” 

Rosa, Public Relations Manager in Tourism

“I’m 38 years old and in recent years I have dedicated my time to bringing up my 4 children. I started Coaching with Julia as I wanted to go back to work and get different projects off the ground but I had a lot of insecurities. As the sessions progressed I became aware that my lack of self-confidence and self-esteem was behind why I never finished what I started. Now thanks to Coaching and Julia, I have more confidence in my abilities and strengths and I feel more fulfilled in my day to day life with a job that is compatible with my family.”


Miguel Ángel, Therapist and Percussionist

“The Coaching process with Julia Tinney has been an opportunity to broaden my understanding of my current situation.  I can see a ‘before and after’ in this process in which, progressively I have gone from a moment of confusion to one of greater clarity. Thanks for your effective, professional support.” 

Kathleen, Educator

“I am currently working with Julia trying to untangle what have over time become unhelpful character habits I have developed in my day to day life and that keep me from focusing on the things that I would really like to do with the time I have and start to discover what work I want to do after many years bringing up my children. Our regular meetings have been very helpful to begin a much needed deep clean of some of these thoughts and habits. Julia is thoughtful, she is an excellent listener and her recommendations to me are always helpful, welcome, and, yes, necessary.”

Get Started

So, I invite you to read on and find out more or just give me a call to talk about what you are looking for and find out how we can work together. I coach in English and Spanish in Madrid or anywhere in the world by phone, Skype or Zoom.